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Simpex 333 Tripod


Material type is aluminum oval section
Folded length is 520 millimeters
Leg lock type is vertical


Size name:Simpex-333

Simpex 333 Tripod

Designed for Flexibility

The three-way panhead of the Simpex 333 Tripod allows you versatility in your photography adventures by letting you capture in landscape in addition to portrait modes. Your horizontal shots will also be impressive as the 333 Tripod comes with a single bubble level. The quick-release architecture of this 333 Tripod allows you to seamlessly mount and work with your DSLR camera.

Robust and Dependable

Go everywhere as the sturdy aluminium of the radially braced tri-leg section of this 333 Tripod ensures a reliable performance. In the event you adjust the leg angles, you’ll be able to customize the Tripod’s position as per your shooting needs. With the vertical leg lock you’ll be able to also lend firmness and steadiness to your camera for most surfaces. The working height of 1490 mm and 3 kg load capacity offered by the 333 Tripod are its attractive functional aspects.

Small, light and Compact

The 333 Tripod’s paltry 1 kg weight and the 520 mm folded length assist you to carry it for your shuttle feats without any burden. The Tripod Set comes with the company of its Carrying Case to safeguard it against harsh physical conditions. The aluminium structure is chargeable for the lightness, portability and durable design of the 333 Tripod to can help you have invigorating photo-shooting experience in your days out.

Material type is aluminum oval section
Folded length is 520 millimeters
Leg lock type is vertical
Load capacity is 3000 grams
Maximum operating height is 1490 millimeters
2-pin platform and one bubble level
Air cushioned with 20.32 leg diameter
3-leg sections and 3-way panhead
Self levelling and radial tri-brace
Leg brace with lock and accessory hook

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